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I’m very unorthodox in the ring, I tend to have very outside of the box ideas. Now I don’t have to worry about if it fits into a Shield match, or if it fits into the context of what we’re doing with the group. I can pretty much do whatever I want now, and wear whatever I want. I’ll just show up to the building in whatever I’m wearing, I’ll pretty much just walk to the ring like that, I don’t walk out of the building like that. If I had an idea tomorrow to wear a cowboy outfit, I could probably do it and nobody would say anything. I’m pretty much just kind of in my own little world right now, and it actually feels pretty good, to be quite honest.

-Dean ambrose

Q:What are you listening to backstage or when traveling?

‘Right now, me and Roman Reigns are pretty obsessed with a guy named Shooter Jennings, he’s a country artist and he’s also Waylon Jennings’ kid. We like Hank Williams, and country music on the road. When I’m working out, I like Deftones a lot. This is kind of a cop out, to say I listen to everything, but I’m not a fan of a particular genre, I just like good music. I like rap, I like The Game, like I said Deftones, Slayer, Pantera, stuff like that I’ll listen to when I’m working out. When we’re traveling, or just hanging out in the locker room, we like keeping it light with some country music, and fun songs. It’s never a bad time to have some Pink Floyd The Wall going at like 4 in the morning if you’re traveling by yourself on the highway, and getting into some crazy driving zone and tripping out, that’s pretty cool too.’

Dean Ambrose
Everybody’s got their different schedules. I’m a little bit of a night owl, I don’t like to get up super early, Roman is the same way. Seth has got his certain schedule he likes to keep. He(seth) likes to say: ‘Often Roman will be on Samoan time.’ He just kind of is on his clock all the time. I always get a lot of stuff for disappearing, I pull a lot of disappearing acts a lot of the time on the road. A lot of the good stories I can’t get into the specifics
Dean ambrose
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